Whats The Scoop Rotating Flavors

Super Premium Ice Cream

Made with vanilla bean extract imported from Madagascar
French Vanilla
Our traditional vanilla with egg yolks for a rich flavor
Cranberry Harvest
Made with sweet soaked cranberries, walnuts and chocolate chips
Made with Bensdorp Cocoa imported all the way from Holland
Double Chocolate
Double the chocolate richness
A deep robust coffee flavor
Chocolate Chip
Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips
Mint Chocolate Chip
Cool mint ice cream with chocolate chips and mint patties
Mocha Chip
Rich coffee mixed with light chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips
Cookie Dough
Vanilla ice cream with tons of raw cookie dough and chocolate chips
Toll House
Vanilla ice cream with baked chocolate chip cookies
Vanilla ice cream with real Oreo Cookies
Coffee Oreo
Coffee ice cream with Oreo Cookies
Coffee Kahlua Brownie
Coffee and Kahlua ice cream with fudge brownies
Coffee Almond Fudge
Coffee ice cream with almonds and a fudge swirl
Maple Walnut
Pure maple ice cream with walnuts
Pistachio ice cream with pistachios
Butter Pecan
Rich buttery flavored ice cream with roasted pecans
Peppermint Stick
Mint ice cream with peppermint candies
Butter Crunch
Butterscotch ice cream with crunchy butterscotch candy
Totally Turtle
Vanilla ice cream with cashews, pieces of fudge and a caramel twirl
Bubble Gum
Bubble gum flavored ice cream with pieces of gum
Moose Tracks
Vanilla ice cream with a special hardening fudge ripple and peanut butter truffles
Cotton Candy
Pink cotton candy ice cream with a blue candy swirl and cotton candy pieces
Blue vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered krispies
Farm-fresh strawberry ice cream with diced strawberries
Black Raspberry
Black raspberry ice cream with berries
Maine Black Bear
Red raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate covered raspberry truffles
Made with real bananas
Orange Pineapple
Creamy orange ice cream with pineapple fruit
Green Monster
Mint ice cream with Oreos and a fudge swirl
Cherry Vanilla
Vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries
Strawberry Cheesecake
New York style cheesecake ice cream with a strawberry swirl and chunks of cheese cake
Frozen Pudding
Rum based ice cream with raisins, pineapples, maraschino cherries, apples, and peaches (an old-fashioned favorite)
Rum Raisin
Rum based ice cream with rum soaked raisins
Made with real coconut
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter twirl
Grapenut Custard
Custard based ice cream with grapenuts
Death By Chocolate
Dark chocolate ice cream with a milk chocolate twirl, chocolate chips, and decadent fudge brownies
Rocky Road
Chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and chopped mixed nuts
Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Chocolate ice cream with a fudge twirl and walnuts
German Chocolate Cake
Chocolate-coconut based ice cream with chunks of brownie fudge and a caramel ripple
Cake Batter
Vanilla cake batter base with chunks of cake
Made with crushed ginger
Green Tea
Made with Real green tea
Made for our friends at the Phantom Gourmet.... Black raspberry ice cream with a cookie crunch swirl and fudge brownie pieces
Toffee Crunch with Heath® Bar
Toffee flavored ice cream with chocolate chips and Heath® Bar
Way Milky with Milky Way®
Malted light chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, Milky Way® bars, and a caramel twirl
Peanut Butter Cup with Reeses®
Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips and Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups
Snickas with Snickers®
Vanilla ice cream with Snickers® bars, chocolate chips, peanuts, and a caramel swirl
Melts in Your Mouth w/ M&M®
Vanilla ice cream with M&M® candies
Coconut Chip w/ Almond Joy®
Coconut ice cream with Almond Joy® bars, chocolate chips, and almonds
Peanut Butter Oreo
Peanut butter ice cream base with Oreo cookies pieces.

95% Fat Free Yogurt

Looking for a low-fat treat, try our 95% fat-free yogurt.

Chocolate Chip
Vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips
Mint Patty
Mint yogurt with chocolate chips and peppermint patties
Vanilla yogurt with Oreo cookies
Cookie Dough
Vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips and raw cookie dough pieces
French Vanilla
Vanilla yogurt with real eggs for a richer flavor
Black Raspberry
Made with real black raspberries
Made with the highest quality Dutch cocoa
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate yogurt with almonds
Moose Tracks
Vanilla yogurt with a special hardening fudge ripple and peanut butter truffles
Coffee Toffee with Heath® Bar
Coffee yogurt with Heath® Bar pices, chocolate chips and toffee
The real deal pistachio yogurt with pistacio nut pieces
Purple Berry Chip
Black raspberry yogurt with dark and white chocolate chips